Real Estate Development And Construction Of Houses

Real Estate Development , in terms of its material content, includes two main components: – repair, construction, installation or other construction work on buildings and land; – changes in the functional use of buildings ( reconstruction of buildings ) or the ground. Essence of the real estate development – management of investment real estate projects,

Real Estate Development , in terms of its material content, includes two main components: – repair, construction, installation or other construction work on buildings and land; – changes in the functional use of buildings ( reconstruction of buildings ) or the ground. Essence of the real estate development – management of investment real estate projects, which includes: – choice of cost-effective project – obtaining all necessary permits for its implementation by the relevant authorities; – definition of investment, development mechanism and modalities of their return, if necessary; – find and attract investors ; – the selection of contractors, funding their activities and monitoring their performance; – implementation of established property or transfer it to the customer service. Thus, on the basis of the above assumes that the result of a developer is, of course, the material property changes, but at the same time that the basic content of his work is not to change this, but in the organization of these changes.

Implementation of the investment project assumes that the real estate development and operation of the developer passes through the following steps: – assessment of the likelihood of the project property , which is based on data from long-term economic trends (population data, the prospects of the real sector and households) and the assessment of the degree of development of financial and tax systems and in particular the expected cost-effectiveness of the project, assessing the status and prospects of the real estate market, the possible and most cost effective location of the project. As a result of this phase of the decision on the feasibility and appropriateness of the project and the application for its implementation in the relevant organs of state and municipal government. – to determine the conditions of the project and develop a business plan for its implementation, which includes the following activities: Identifying opportunities for implementation investment project, the definition of total cost for the project and their effectiveness, a detailed analysis of the markets associated with the investment project (real estate, financial, contracting) identification of possible sources of financing (own funds, borrowed funds, raise funds, etc.),

Permits appropriate state and local government agencies and the advertising company to build the necessary public opinion on the implementation of the proposed project design , coordination of the conditions obtaining in the lease (purchase) of land, – the development of the project (development) of real estate , suggesting specific steps to attract financial resources (emission and placing on the market of securities, shares of joint-stock company, established for the project, obtaining loans from the financial institutions, the spread of the bond issue, etc.), engaging and contracting with design and construction contractor for the design and material of the investment project, the organization funding to provide material construction , and monitoring its progress; sale of the object (put into service), the return of invested fundsScience Articles, the calculation of the creditors. recommend to visit the site of one of the leaders of the construction market of Ukraine: the building company “Maximum Construction”

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Real Estate in India

The real estate in India is on a path to development. Both the commercial and residential real estate market is booming simultaneously. Investments in real estate of India can prove to be gold mines for investors because of rapid growth and development of cities across the country.

The rise in property prices is due to the constant growth of cities. According to research, 65% of working people like to invest in real estate as long term investment. The prices of property in India have been sky rocketing in the past few years. In 2011, the property prices have increased over 16.5% than the last year. The shortage of more than 26 million houses due to Eleventh Five Year Plan provided investment opportunities for investors. A report indicates that Jodhpur, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Pradesh and many other cities are among fast developing cities in both commercial and residential buildings.

During 2010 and 2011, Indian real estate has received billions of dollars of foreign investments. Some of the major foreign investors included Jeff Morgan Capital, Warburg Pincus and Ascendas. These foreign companies have invested in big projects of real estate like film city projects etc.

Investments in real estate have always been a safe investment. The prices in Mumbai have increased rapidly. Cities like Bangalore and Chennai have good property returns. The opportunities for investors in developing cities are more than concentrated developed cities. For the years to come, fast growth in developing cities will be proportionate to the growing economy thus will return a huge benefit to investors. Cities like Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhopal and Jammu and smaller cities like, Kochi, Madurai, Vizag, Cuttack, Ludhiana, Nagpur and Aurangabad are on the path to growth and are best to invest currently.

Investments in real estate are long term investments. Most middle age people invest in real estate as safe investments for old age benefits. This investment has the potential to give high returns but risks are involved in every investment. The real estate investment by people is usually once in their life time so a good amount of aspects should be kept in mind while buying property in India. Property type, locality, expected return back, budget and purpose of investment should be defined in the first stage of planning. Impulsive property buying because of low cost can prove to be suicidal. It is better to consult financial advisers before taking any such decision.

Market trend is another factor important before investment in real estate. A complete study of market is necessary to develop a keen insight into the property matters currently prevalent. It provides a detail analysis of where investment will go and what will be the pay back. In addition to buying propertyHealth Fitness Articles, renting out property can give a maximum benefit as a continuous investment. Flexibility of decision makes a good real estate investor. Indian real estate has blossomed as best investment with high payback returns if planned and bought systematically. The opportunities offered are limitless.

Features of a Real estate development

Real estate development is also known as property development. It is a kind of business consisting and containing of multiple features and characteristics like renovation of buildings, re-leasing of the buildings, purchasing the land, borrowing the properties etc. This particular piece of writing will be telling the readers regarding the features and traits of a real estate development in a detailed and explained way.

Real estate development is also known as property development. It is a kind of business consisting and containing of multiple features and characteristics like renovation of buildings, re-leasing of the buildings, purchasing the land, borrowing the properties etc. This particular piece of writing will be telling the readers regarding the features and traits of a real estate development in a detailed and explained way. Developer is the major person in this business that transforms and converts the idea into a practical form. It co-ordinates the activities in the best possible way and gets done with each and every task efficiently and effectively. It has been noticed and observed that real estate development is quite different from construction. A real estate developer purchase the land, get done with the dealing methods, build various projects, operates and control a particular project and carry on the proceedings of the process in a smooth way. In other words, we can say that, right from the beginning till the end, a real estate developer goes through these stages.

The market of real estate development has been getting huge amount of attention these days. A lot of growth has been witnessed in this sector that allows and permit the individual to adopt this field without any risk. When it comes to the renovation of building or creating and producing a new building, a lot of risk is involved but there is still no harm in becoming a real estate developer. An individual can surely take these risks because in the end reward will be there for him. In the field of real estate development, a real estate developer has to work with many individuals possessing different professions like architects, engineers, inspectors, agents and contractors. We can say that to get along with such a big and huge time is a tough task. It is a kind of field where a lot of hard work is required. The paths are not simple and smooth to get and achieve success in less span of time; a real estate developer has to burn the midnight oil to reach the seventh cloud.

A real estate development consist of variety of fields because in order to set up a building, multiple individuals are required belonging to different and wide areas. Land investment constitutes biggest risk factors but more profit is also there in this investment. It is a process of long investment period and this particular discipline of real estate development is done on a large and commercial scale. Hence, the features of a real estate development are quite and rather evident. An individual should take proper and thorough guidance to be a part of this real estate development field. Though it is a risky business, but after becoming an expert of it, an individual can easily and conveniently be on the success track. So, to be a real estate developer, have some proper trainingFree Web Content, consult various experts and start putting up a building in your own way!

How To Avoid The Risk Of Operating In The Commercial Real Estate Development

The so-called commercial real estate (Business Real Estate), real estate products for commercial purposes in accordance with the end use of the real estate category.

The so-called commercial real estate (Business Real Estate), real estate products for commercial purposes in accordance with the end use of the real estate category, this type of real estate product development purposes that is not used for living or another, but for commercial use. A wide range of commercial real estate, including shopping malls (shopping centres, etc.), the professional market, entertainment, recreational places and all kinds of consumer sites, commercial property development and management. In comparison with the residential development, commercial real estate development project may have a higher return on investment and appreciation potential, but may also be lurking at greater risk. Pursue large-scale development, investment, return on commercial real estate development model, is the amplification of risk.

Commercial real estate development and general real estate development the biggest difference lies in the commercial real estate need to be considered a commercial operation. The healthy development of the commercial real estate market, you need a rational choice for investors, but also requires the development of rational development and commercial agent, commercial management companies mature operation to ensure By the large number of cases in the domestic commercial real estate development, we find that most development projects fail for the lack of commercial operation or prematurely. The risk of a variety of commercial real estate development, the most difficult to deal with the most prominent is the risk of commercial operation. However, commercial and real estate often or “mismatch”, commercial real estate developers do not understand the commercial phenomenon of widespread commercial real estate investment project risk is great in this situation. Should co-ordinate the management of seeking to eliminate hidden dangers and ways to defuse the risk of commercial real estate. Commercial real estate development, we must guard against the risk of commercial operation can consider the following countermeasures strategy.

Commercial real estate development, the pursuit of present value, but the appreciation of the future, it is at this point to make it different from the usual sense of the real estate development. Commercial real estate development operation in accordance with the investment rely on the commercial operations to the value-added concept, not only prior to orientation, planning, positioning several stages in order to break ground, but also after the completion of construction works through a series of commercial operation of the real estate to obtain appreciation . Completion of the construction project is the new phase of commercial real estate development, not the end, makes the real estate business development and operation through the late to get appreciation, and further expand the scale of the development of the surrounding residential and other building facilities, developers and investors bring greater benefits. Real estate development, the lack of commercial development, or real estate development and commercial development and do not take the sector, this fault type of commercial real estate development is not only difficult to make real estate to get appreciation. The same time, because without the support of the commercial development of real estate development itself, it is difficult to be successful. Once developed, suffered losses, not just developers, investors and operators, and even spread to the financial institutionsFree Articles, and the formation of a difficult to solve the debt chain.

Real Estate Development Marketing – A Specialist Article For Those Interested In Real Estate Development

A Specialist Article For Those Interested In Real Estate DevelopmentFrom the desk of Colm Dillon …Author of “Residential Development Made Easy” Hello Colm Dillon here …Real Estate Development Mark…

A Specialist Article For Those Interested In Real Estate Development

From the desk of Colm Dillon …

Author of

“Residential Development Made Easy”

Hello Colm Dillon here …

Real Estate Development Marketing!

When do you start?

As soon as you open your ‘baby blue eyes’ every morning!

“The Easy Part of Property Development is Spending Money” … “Marketing Is What Gets It Back + A Bit More For Profit.”

Anyone can spend money. It takes a good manager to spend it at a predetermined rate in line with a planned ‘cash flow.’

So this topic is very important. People think Development Marketing is all about putting an advert in the paper, designing a brochure and following up the agents … I don’t think so folks!!

Marketing starts before you buy the land.

The location of the land impacts on marketing. Is it a desirable address? Is it in a prestigue location? What market sector of the buying public are you aiming for? Does the site have local prominence? Does the land have quality houses around it?

All of these questions impact on your marketing plan, the home designs you select, the costings and untimate sales prices.

So if marketing starts with the land selection, it logically then goes on to the
design stage. Assuming you don’t want to just copy something you’ve seen another developer has done, you need market knowledge.

You need maket knowledge of the exact standard of product you are competing against in the market now. Remember you won’t be producing yours for another 12 months or so and you’ll want to improve on what is being produced today, so you have a market difference. An ‘Edge.’

Marketing is no more than the presentation of your finished product to the
buying public in the most favourable light, highlighting all the benefits
your home has over the competition.

One kind of marketing style that is a failure as far as I am concerned is the one that is based on the “Numbers Comparison.” I am sure you’ve seen the on site project boards.

Our house has 5 of these, and 6 of those … when that guy’s house only
has 4 of these and 3 of those.

The potential buyer will eventually want to know these things, but “Right Now” they want to know “How They Feel” about living in the place, on your Road, in this neighborhood.

Understand this: People SELL for Money … People BUY with Emotion.

If they don’t feel good in your place, it does not matter if you give then 12 of these and 20 of those … OK?

I have always DEVELOPED and MARKETED on the basis of appealing to the human senses of See – Feel – Touch – Smell & Sound.

I transfer all those into my designs, because I am designing and building for
‘Humans Beings’ and human beings buy with emotions … and if I do my work well, I’ll make a profit.

So as a buyer, if a house looks good when I drive up to inspect it, I am favouable disposed to buy before I open the garden gate.

When my feet touch the pathway/ entrance foyer and see the lovely landscaping my desire to buy is enhanced.

As I enter the house and feel the ambience of the house envelop me I
respond in a positive way to buy, if I feel emotionally comfortable in the space.

When I smell all the new house smells, it translates into ‘fresh’ ‘clean’ ‘new’ and who doesn’t want to buy fresh new things.

When I close the door of the house I enjoy hearing the sound of silence, which is conducive to rest and recuperation after a hard days work.

Think about how you respond to each house you inspect as you go about gaining market knowledge. Do you see, it does not matter how many ‘bibs & bobs’ the place has … if they don’t feel emotionally comfortable in the place, they won’t BUY!

Can you see why this is my number one topic?

So naturally I write about it a great deal in Residential Developmemnt Made Easy.

So now you have some idea why marketing starts as soon as you open your ‘baby blue eyes’ every morning … marketing is a direct reflection of who you are and how you expresss yourself in creating beautiful livable space FOR HUMAN BEINGS.

Real Estate Portal Development

We are one of the preeminent Real Estate Web Portal development from Param Network and provide total solutions to your real state business through which you can give your business solutions services with the help of new technology to the vast people through internet through out the world. We can provide you all kind of real estate websites according to your requirement and full solutions including Realtor sites, agent sites, broker sites, property listing sites, holiday rentals, property buy and sell, ad space selling sites and many more. Our professional have very much proficient in changing your thought into a customize way on the site. Features which include in the real state sites are: Real Estate Website Development • Manage your web site using your web site admin panel • Easily edit options virtually any page using our editor. • Manage your web site from virtually anywhere. • Easily turn features on or off. • Emailing options to the client. • Add unlimited custom F.A.Q’s and Articles • Add unlimited links to your web site Lead Generation & Management • Get buyer leads with our Home Finder form • Get seller leads with our Home Value Request and Sell Home Request forms. • Get renter leads with our Rental Finder Form • Assist buyers in the relocation process with a Relocation Form • Lead notifications are sent via e-mail User’s features Real Estate Web Portal • Easily edit virtually any page using our editor. • Worldwide properties search from your database available on latest update. Visitors can search properties around the world. • Easily add and display awards and link exchange banners and links. • Add additional office locations to your website. Associate agents and listings to your office locations. • ability to change currency • ability to change area measurements • Google maps We divide the entire project into three main modules. They are: • Homebuyers and renters having the functionality to upload their profile, edit their profile, view the entire properties available to view to the registered users. • Employers administration space that provides the facilities where you can post properties ads, manage details of offer, search the database with the property seekers and many others. • Administrators having given full control over the website, structure and content management, detailed user management, SEO reports, statistics and many others. Important features of the admin • Update the new properties which you want to sell. • Delete the properties which have sold up. • Adds some pictures of the houses/flats/banglow Important Features of the client • Online facilities of filling registrations form/ signup • Search all Listings of the properties • Bookmark jobs • Selections of the desired properties • Email to admin/sells office • Forgot Password options • Payment Plans and Options for Job Postings • Automatic access upon registration • Provision to search houses by category such as • By chosen jobs category options form the list, jobseeker can submit a cover letter, and then this cover letter along with his CV sends to employer of selected company through mail Key Features • Homebuyers and renters can browse properties • Post property details for listings • Separate control panel for property dealers • Billing System for Admin • Advanced Property Search • Property Alerts by email • Newsletter Module • Ad/Banner Management • Brokerage list • Detailed Reports

Commercial Real Estate Development

Numerous things have to be taken into consideration when undertaking a commercial real estate venture. Needed space, location, decisions to lease or purchase property, moving issues, building plans and regulations, consultants, involved fees. All these things must be considered before one delves into the commercial development project. When deciding on how much space will be required, several things must be taken into consideration. What will be my cost? How convenient is the location to my targeted customer? How about transportation? What about utility availability? One must decide what will be best for the business. If plans are to lease, it must be noted that your lease will play an important part in the lease negotiation. Although a standard five year lease is usually used by the leasing broker, a commercial lease of 3 years minimum and 10 years is also commonly used. When deciding on how long your lease should be, make sure you think about your business flexibility and the rental rate. At the end of the lease, it is very likely that the owner of the property has already committed to another customer, so moving issues come into play. Preparatory measures must be executed prior to the move in order for things to go smoothly. This should be initiated at least 2 months before the planned move, starting with negotiations for the move, standard items that will be needed (mailing labels, presentation paper, bank, checks and deposit slips, business cards, etc.), whether or not you will keep the same logo and design for your business, telecommunication services, security systems and so on. Other things to be considered are, confirmation of telecommunication installation, ordering appropriate packing supplies, scheduling packing and moving, making sure that the freight elevator at both locations are reserved, choosing the moving company (make sure your choice of moving company provides insurance certificate) and make certain you notify your insurance company about the move. One month before the move, reconfirm your move in and move out dates. Make sure that the moving company has already provided their moving certificate and provide them with your employee’s names for security purposes. The day before the move, walk through the new location to make sure that nothing has been left undone., make your final confirmation calls, be certain you have the keys for the new location, and this is very important, make sure your insurance is in affect. This article has touched on many of the things involved in the procurement of a new location for your business but even more is involved. The closing of the lease and the arrangements such as, regulations and rules of the building at your new location, noise levels, usage of freight elevators, architectural design services for planning space and the like.

Real Estate Development: An Efficient Option in Property Management

Do you own numerous real properties? Are these properties bring in money? Are these properties idle? If yes, read on and know the ways of using these properties to make money and to bring revenue to owners like you.

During recession, it is difficult for everyone to earn money. Idle or unused properties should be utilized efficiently and bring in money, than paying taxes yearly for these properties and without bringing in revenue.

If you decide to develop your property into something that brings profit, then consider real estate development. However, before you decide what type of development you want to pursue, you should conduct feasibility studies and assess its suitability to your goals and its sustainability to the environment. Some say real estate development is one way of becoming wealthy, but they are wrong because some property developers lost as much as they gained. Success is sure if you know how to manage risks associated with the business and know how to timely promote your product.

You should be careful and cautious in the said business because unlike small-scale real estate development that only involves purchasing homes, refurbishing properties or reselling homes, large-scale real estate development involves billions or millions of dollars worth of investment.

Becoming a real estate developer is a complex procedure because you have to consider the type of business that you want to open. Do you like to have a partnership or Limited Liability Company? Or Corporation?

You also need to consider its category. Do you want to concentrate on land development or building development.

Even though getting wealthy is a sure factor in real estate development, you have to do your research and task to get on with it. You have to be careful if you enter this type of business because it takes effort, skills and time to stay ahead and maintain your status in business. Real estate development is proven to be the most profitable among the other types of businesses provided you have patience, knowledge and skill to play the right game.

Success is assured if you purchased the right property and developed it at the right time.

Factors to consider in buying properties for development:

Location of the property. If the property is near to school, church, supermarket, offices, and other amenities, chances are, these properties will be salable to interest parties.

Lands should have access to roads and other pathways. Such feature allows consumers and clients to pass through the property easily.

Its proximity to different business centers.

Advantages of land development compared to building development:

You can profit a lot in land development because you only purchased lands and vacant lots at very cheap prices. You only need to spend thousands to develop the property, construct houses and buildings. You also incurred less in buying raw materials because they are purchased on whole sale basis. Once the development is finished, you can then sell them for millions of dollars, thus, your initial investment increased tremendously.

What a Real Estate Developer Does

If you are considering a career in real estate there are a number of options open to you beyond the most well-known ones, such as acting as a buying agent. Instead, you may choose to enter real estate development, where you will actually have a direct hand in the creation of different types of property, instead of simply acting as the third party in transactions involving said properties.

So What Do They Do?

Simply put, a real estate developer is the person that makes a building happen. They are the ones with the vision, whether it is a simple house construction of the development of an enormous skyscraper that can be seen from miles around.

While they won’t be the ones actually building the property, they are the ones who will need to arrange for everything to be done and will usually be the person who assumes all of the risk for whether or not the project ends up being a success.

It’s usually their money and their land that the building is being built on, so a real estate developer is somebody who truly makes things happen in the industry and they are vital to keeping the entire industry going.

What Do They Need?

First and foremost a real estate developer is going to need the cash to make the relevant purchase to secure the land they wish to build on. Whether this be their own cash or money coming in from investors is up to the developer, but without a budget they are not going to be able to do anything.

Assuming the required money is in place, a real estate developer’s next task is to find a good team. They will need architects, builders and everything in between to make sure that their project comes to fruition. Just like every orchestra needs the right players before they can make magic, so does the team assembled by a real estate developer.

The last thing they need is a reliable supplier of materials. After all, the materials make the building and it is enormously important that the suppliers are both reliable and able to provide the best possible materials on the market.

So What Are The Risks?

As great as the rewards can be, real estate development also carries with it an enormous risk that must be considered before you start any project. Simply put, the outcome of the development is entirely on your shoulders. Sure, the developer needs a big team of people to make everything come together, but that team won’t be sharing the blame if things go wrong. In fact, more of the blame can be heaped on the developer’s shoulders simply because they are the person who assembled that team.

As such, it is important to have plenty of knowledge before you enter this side of real estate. It is not something that can be done by halves, so you need to make sure that you have the time, money and dedication required to make it a success, or you may well find that your reputation ends up in tatters.

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Thank you for reading.

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Please note the content is not intended to be, legal or investment advice. You should consult a licensed attorney or realtor for advice regarding your individual situation.

What are the Real estate’s expectations from the Union Budget 2016?


What are the Real estate’s expectations from the Union Budget 2016?

The India real estate is emerging from a painful and long slowdown and is searching for any and all signs of light that can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Also, the Union Budget is desperately waiting for the annual events which the people of the country follow very closely. The allocations and decisions that are declared by the Finance Ministry definitely have great relevance to both the industries and individuals. The real estate sector is said to be pretty sensitive to many policies that are announced for numerous individuals and industries. The India real estate is trying and making its way up from the slowdown that it saw in the previous years and by looking at this fact the 2016 Union Budget becomes more critical since the market has a lot of expectations from it.

There will be financial protection for the home buyers whose projects do not complete on time. Any delay in the construction will provide benefits to the buyers. The buyers are allowed to claim for tax benefits of Rs 2 lakhs after possession if they invest in any under-construction building and it does not complete within 3 years. However, there will be a reduction of 30,000 if the builder delays the construction beyond the limit and thus they will have to pay higher interest. Also, the first-time buyers have to pay additional rent if they are buying homes for self-use.

The Union Budget should also make provision that allows the home buyers to take tax benefits from the time they begin giving the interest in housing loans instead of the tax benefits that they get post-possession. This will help in decreasing the monetary burden significantly and make increase the velocity of the home loan costs. Also, to avail the exemption, the construction of an under-construction building which is being purchased from the capital gains, its construction must definitely be completed within 3 years. The developer can be delayed in these cases as well. Thus, there should be deductions that should be bought at par and the construction timeline should be definitely be extended from the current 3 years to 5 years.

Also, the budget should deliver convincing and clear benefits to the buyers of eco-friendly real estate in the country. Investors of the housing real estate sector definitely need some more encouragement to apply the ‘green’ switch. Most of the home buyers in India are opposed to paying an extra premium for these projects, and the less demand means that the builders are not satisfactorily active in this sector. The Budget should definitely provide a mix of incentives that will boost the development and the buyer interest in green real estate in India.

The India real estate bill has many such provision that are expected to be a part in the India real estate bill and thus every developer, investor and end-user is keenly waiting for the Union Budget 2016.